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This tournament has ended!

imgRainbow Six Spring 21′ Feeder #1 Created by Ross Mcmillan

The EZ Rainbow Six Spring 21′ Tournament is our second series from EuroZone E-Sports.

Single elimination rounds playing BO1 for all rounds except best of 3 for the finals.

All matches will be streamed over the 2 day event.

Map Bans will be done with IGL’s prior to game starting.

Operator/Equipment Bans: All operators and equipment are allowed except Aruni.

There will be an Operator ban in each match.

How to register for the tournament?

Send your registration via this page and then contact one of the staff/ez helpers on our Discord server to confirm your registration, your registration will only be approved once your team is in our Discord and registered into your team roles.

After each match scores should be submitted on our website and the other team will verify.

Our discord: https://www.ezesports.co.uk/discord

Get the Tournament role from the #get-roles channel and then tag the staff with your team name, once your message is picked up a team role will be created and you can tag your team members in #teammate-needs-role to get them in the team.

PC players only in EU Servers.

Full list of match settings that will be used in matches: https://www.ezesports.co.uk/r6s-match-settings/

Started on

16/02/2021, 13:00


  • img

    8 out of 8

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    Tournament type
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Tournament details

  • Game

    Rainbow Six Siege
  • Contestants

  • Game format

    Best of 1
  • Tournament frequency



  • Clubhouse

  • Coastline

  • Consulate

  • Kafe Dostoyevsky

  • Oregon

  • Theme Park

  • Villa




✯ Teams must sign-in on our website for score submissions


✯ Any kind of CHEATING or Using Macros is not allowed. If one of your team is caught cheating, then the team will be disqualified immediately.

✯ All players must install and use MOSS (https://nohope.eu/) if there any accusations of cheating, you will be asked to provide your MOSS Zip file to the admin team for checking, if you are unable to provide this for what ever reason you will forfeit the match.

✯ Any accusations of cheating must be backed up with video evidence and timestamps for cross referencing against MOSS.

✯ No swapping in subs during a match.

✯ Discord check-in 15 minutes prior to match start (will be done on our official Discord server).

✯ 5v5 setup with up 3 subs.

✯ If any team is more than 10 minutes late to a match then a screenshot should be submitted to an admin and the team will forfeit the match.

✯ If a team does not have there full 5 man team ready to play at the allotted time (or within the allowed 10 minute grace period) they will forfeit the match.

✯ If both teams choose they may play a friendly match in there allotted time slot with the man down, but the forfeit will stand regardless of match result.

✯ Any display of toxicity via use of in-game, voice chat or any other means will result in a verbal warning for first offence, forfeit of the match for a second offence and forfeit of the tournament for a third offence.

✯ Competing players may stream the tournament from there perspective but must have at least 5 minute delay on there stream and must submit there stream link to the admin team prior to the event start.

✯ All team members must be over 16 years of age to take part. Teams that are progressing onto the cash prize finale will be required to provide evidence of age to our staff team.

✯ All teams using Pro League HUD rules (no point indicators)

✯ Max Ping: 130

✯ All skins are banned except the following:
Pro League Gold Sets
Esports Skins

Winner Prizes

img Place img Reward
imgplace 1 : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Place in the Cash Prize Event
imgplace 2 : Astony Place in the Cash Prize Event
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