This weeks hero pool ban & Echo Updates

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Newest Overwatch hero Echo is now available to play in Competitive mode, with two of her biggest counters now removed from the hero pool.

This week we see the Overwatch players finally getting to take Echo out for a test drive in Competitive Play now shes back in the lineup.

This weeks ban lineup wipes out 4 characters that work well with and against Echos play-style though, which means we will still have to wait for her to be fully put to the test.

The latest bans:

  • McCree
  • Widowmaker
  • Mercy
  • Wrecking Ball

Widowmaker and McCree have received the ban hammer multiple times so far since the ban system was introduced. What makes their ban have more of an impact this time round is that Widow and McRee are two of the biggest counter picks against Echo’s arsenal of abilities.

With the removal of Mercy teams are going to have to play a little more careful knowing they cant get that all needed revive at the crucial take point.

Echo is the newest hero into the Overwatch pool and being banned just days after her release left players scratching their heads wondering why she would get banned so quickly.

Her first premier was in the “Reunion” Animated Short that featured McCree and Ash, which launched at the time that Ash was announced and then again in the trailer announcement for Overwatch 2.

Players did get a chance to try her out on PTR shortly after she was officially announced last month, then we finally get her added into the main game Mid-April only to be banned immediately from Competitive. Echo’s abilities and play-style definitely set the way to shake the game up massively, so maybe Blizzard wanted to give players a chance to learn her abilities and counter them before they went live into Competitive.

Whatever the reason for the delay Echo is now available and ready for action, if you are not familiar with the game’s newest character plays then you can check out a variety of extensive guides on YouTube and other video sharing sites, these videos include move sets, tips and other tricks.

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