The Grand Larceny

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The Grand Larceny

Starting from the 5th of May, Rainbow Six Siege released a limited event called “The Grand Larceny.” This event takes place in a re-skin of the original Hereford Base with a brand new game mode: “Stolen,” as well as an exclusive set of cosmetics to fit it.


In this 1930’s style event, you will play as one of two gangs. Around the map are five safes spread out and your job as an attacker is to crack three of these safes. But be careful, because the Defenders will try to stop you. After 2 rounds you will switch sides, until one of the teams has won 3 rounds. By the way, did I tell you that you only carry a Shotgun? Yea, blast your enemies away with these meme machines and go for the victory! But watch your feet, as you can easily fall to your death as everything is destructible and will break in one shot. So be Creative and let’s get that bread!


Ubisoft decided to treat us with a brand new Limited time Collection. The collection contains Weapon Skins, Uniforms, Headgear and Weapon Charms. Some of the collection is made universally and the rest is made specifically for certain operators: Amaru, Fuze, Gridlock, Hibana, Maverick, Echo, Maestro, Kaid, Wamai and Warden. You can buy them for 300 R6-credits or 12.500 renown and with the season pass you’ll get 10% off. As always you will get one pack for free and 2 challenges to go for, which allow you to claim 2 more when completed.

So go ahead, let’s rob ’em blind!

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