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Intoducing: Streamfleet

We are happy to introduce to you our newest partner: “Streamfleet.”
We cannot wait to see what this partnership will bring to the table and are happy to welcome them to our community.
But what is Streamfleet?

What is Streamfleet?

Streamfleet is a content provider community in EvE-Online, who started as a streamer community and has now expanded to running official events in the past for CCP along with regular community events in-game.
Streamfleet has a huge variety of streamers, all streams generally focus around EvE-Online, bringing you the best streams and information for every aspect of the game you can think of.

Check out there Stream Team to see all the quality content that is available.

Do you stream EvE-Online? Then Streamfleet offers you a nice home along like-minded streamers.
With an amazing team of volunteers and streamers to help you grow within the Eve-Online community, you cannot find a better pace to call home.

Our plans

We teamed up with Streamfleet to bring you the most user friendly Eve-Online tournament content that is available. They will also be working with us as full on production partners, helping with digital content around our events, as well as giving hands on technical support around events and tournaments.


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