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Nova - DiscoDelboy - Jamie
Mad_Matty_ - Matty
ThronedAce - Ross
THM - Athanasios
Nathair - Daniel
ButtonSmasherr - Aron
JadeyWadey92 - Sophie

Interested in joining the stream team?

Our stream team is open to our partners/sponsors and by application within our community Discord.
If you are interested in joining the best way to get started is to head to the #get-roles channel and give yourself the @streamer role, this will add you to the auto live bot and also give you access to a streamer lounge.

The more you interact with our community the higher your chance of being accepted into the stream team, we are looking for team members that are interested in working with other streamers, interacting and promoting each other  and having the right mindset that fits in with what we do as a community.

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