Jäger: Nerf or Buff?

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Who the bloody hell is Jäger?

Jäger is a base-game operator we have all come to know and love. Love is a term I’m using lightly, but I mean he’s a pretty cool guy, I guess. He has a fantastic gadget allowing him to destroy 6 attackers grenades/ projectiles from his set-and-forget Active Defence Systems (ADS). The 416-C he carries as he bursts through the exterior door of buildings to get a cheeky spawn kill the first 3 seconds into the game, is in fact the most powerful defender gun. It’s so much fun! Afterwards, he uses all 3 of his speeds to zoom back to site, like a happy little puppy, whilst simultaneously receiving insults from his opponents via ALL chats. Just a day in the life!

Gun Nerf.

Jäger has been one of the most picked operators by the “sweaty gamers” for a little too long now and he’s also been doing a little too well. To try to counter this the Developers have decided to take drastic action against him and reduced his damage on his 416-C weapon from 43DMG to 38DMG. This is big deal – if you really like the number 43. Otherwise, it makes pretty much no difference. Rogue9 went into detail, as he always does about it. But to put it simply, it does nothing.

To put it a little less simply, it lowers his DPS from 530 to 468, which is exactly the same as the Commando – Mozzie’s cool-flicky-mag-change gun. This does also mean that Bandit’s MP7 has higher DPS than the 416-C at 480.

Speed Nerf.

As ever, Rogue9 did a full detailed, frame by frame analysis of this. But to put it simply – Jäger is now 5% slower than before. This means that he gets very slightly less peaker’s advantage when it comes to rushing the unsuspecting attackers. It’s such a small speed reduction it only decreased the advantage by 1-2 frames (0.015s – 0.030s).

Armour Buff..?

This is where the debate about nerf or buff really comes into play. Because he may be slower, but is he ‘tankier’?. The short answer is no. It only makes a difference at the most common ranges for 9/57 guns the attackers have to throw at him.

The guns it effects are:

  • IQ’s G8A1
  • Dokkaebi’s C75
  • Dokkaebi’s BOSG
    • But only at 13-15m, I have no idea why, but its true.
  • Twitch’s F2
  • Sledge’s SMG 11
  • Jackal’s PDW9
  • Maverick’s 1911 TACOPS
  • Hibana’s P229
  • Sledge, Thatcher & Kali’s P226

What about at range?

Only 23/57 guns require one more shot at range. Just click the head, bro.

Future & Overall.

Time will tell if this is actually a nerf to him, and it seems that the developers are kind of expecting it not to be, as “more options are still on the table for him” to quote the Designer’s Notes from 8/4/2020. I personally believe they need to nerf his ability rather than Jäger himself. The ability is half the character and is part of what makes him free to leg it around the map as a chaotic-neutral roamer.

I personally don’t think that Jäger has come off too badly from the series of nerfs he’s been taking. And yes, this is a nerf, the armour does not make up for his new chonkiness. Rogue9 also aggregated a large amount of data from previous years and found that 3 speeds are just better than 2 or 1 speeds. So I don’t know what else to say, I’m sure people will kick off and make more memes about him. But as long as it makes the game a better place to be, then I’m okay with that.

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