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Q: How do i sign up for tournaments.
A: go to https://ezesports.co.uk/ create a account and join the tournaments your looking to join.

Q: When signing up i have not received my verification email.
A: Please check your junk mail if not please dm the @ModMail bot and launch a ticket.

Q: What countries can take part in the tournaments.
A: We currently only run tournaments for teams that are in EU.

Q: Will yous be running tournaments for people outside the EU.
A: Maybe in the future.

Q: How do i add my team mates to my team.
A: When on your team page you send your team link example (https://ezesports.co.uk/team/staff/) and then next to the name thiers a request to join.

Q: Do we need moss when in a rainbow 6 siege tournament.
A: Yes to download click the link provided. (https://nohope.eu/)

Q: Do i need to have subs.
A: It is not mandatory but we advise teams to take subs for if any team. members are not able to play and your team has to forfeit as a result.

Q: How many subs are we allowed.
A: We allow 3 subs and must have roles on discord and website team for them to be able to play.

Q: Do yous roster lock.
A: Yes we roster lock teams between 3-5 days before the event but will give teams notification to when the roster lock will be happening so teams have time to be able to make adjustment rosters before it happens.

Q: What if we have to forfeit.
A: Teams that need to forfeit due to players being unavailable or no show will be DQ from the tournament with possible team blacklist from our tournaments. (time blacklisted depends on amount of times teams forfeit/no show)

Q: Do we need to report our own scores.
A: Yes only admins of the team can report scores on the bracket.

Q: How will we know when the next event is live for teams to sign up.
A: We will post our events in #?upcoming-tournaments.

Q: What if we have a issue thats not here.
A: Dm the @ModMail bot and create a ticket as this creates a log to witch all admins can refer to.(edited)

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