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Top Issues & Community Concerns

I’m going to be creating essentially a TL:DR of the 23/04/2020 post from the Rainbow Six developers. The log disclosed the current issues under their radar but they have pointed out that this list isn’t exhaustive – thank god! You can find the full developer log in the link below.

Hacking, Cheating and Lobby Freezing

Lobby freezing

Some lovely people have been freezing the loading screens in ranked games for their advantage. The devs making a way to track and kick the offenders.


Since they’ve recently added a new ‘report for hacking’ feature the devs have realised a lot more people are actually hacking than they originally anticipated in the game. To combat this, they’re “reinforcing the bridge between R6 and Battleye.”

Change to rank requirements

They basically said they’ve made it harder for illegitimate accounts to get into Ranked and Champion. This sounds vague because it is, they haven’t said how they’re doing it yet. More specification closer to Season 2. Well, that’s the target at least.

Daily XP cap in PvE

They’re adding a cap, but haven’t said what it is yet. The idea is to stop bots from farming T-Hunt to get their level up to ranked requirements. This cap will also allow them to spot bots easier.

Known Bugs (That aren’t fixed yet)

Honestly you don’t need to know more than this:

  • Incomplete teams at the start of ranked.
  • Battlepass community challenges “coming soon”.
  • MMR rollback visual bug.

Top Gameplay topics

  • They’re making a new Benchmark tool, so that it’s actually useful.
  • “Inconsistencies in how gadgets interact/destroy props on maps”
  • Better notifications for when they deactivate Clash AGAIN. – They obviously didn’t say it this way, but that’s what they’re doing.

That’s all folks!

That’s the end of the most recent dev log from the Rainbow Six team! I hope this gave you more of a condensed version of their technical jargon than on their website.

Watch this space for more Rainbow Six Siege updates!


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