Designer’s Notes – Y5S1.2

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TL:DR for that wordy dev log

“If professional players are not happy with our proposed features, then that means we are going in the right direction.”

They waffle on about this statement they made in an interview and to summarise:

  • They want to push players out of their comfort zones when balancing the game.
  • They want to make the whole game better, not just patching previous updates’ holes.
  • “Professional players are masters of the game”
  • Professional players don’t like change and get moody when the game is changed
  • They are going to explain why they’re making the balancing changes. So then everyone’s on the same page.
  • They will announce the changes before they go live on the test server.

Win Delta Vs Presence

Attacker Win Delta vs PresenceDefender Win Delta vs Presence

So some obvious changes from the previous Designer’s Notes.

  • Twitch moved from 40%~ pick rate and 0.50% Win Delta to 15%~ and -0.30%.
    • This is definitely because of the nerf to her recoil and drone. Making her less appealing to Ash mains who can’t play Ash.
  • Ash, speaking of which, has had a slight increase in pick rate, which I’d imagine is because of the twitch nerf. F2 go BRRRRRRR.
  • Nook has had a very nice increase, not so much on the pick rate, but her win delta has gone up to 0.50% from -1.50%
  • Blitz looks like he’s had a buff somewhere from the incredible spike in his win delta. I have no idea why this is please explain.
  • Legion seems to be taking his nerf quite well. Putting him in his right place. “Back to reality”.
  • Goyo had actually been on the rise slightly, only a 5% increase on pick rate and 1.25% win delta.
  • Mozzie was on the rise steadily so they’ve nipped it in the bud by taking his Super Shorty. Last season he was on 26%~ and 0.80%~.

I mean its pretty obvious as to why they’re having to have a look into Jäger too. It doesn’t really explain, however, why they’re being so mean to Goyo. Nothing has been announced yet about the other outlying operators (apart from Chanks) so it looks like we’ve got some other fun nerfs coming Ela’s way.


Attacker Ban RateAttacker Ban Rate

  • Jackal’s ban rate is slowly decreasing after his nerf, coming down to 60%, from 70%.
  • Thatcher’s is increasing and it will be interesting to see where those numbers settle after this season.

I don’t really know what else to say about the bans, so ask Nathair xx.



  • Added smoke grenades (x2)
  • Removed claymore
  • Increased T-95 LSW damage from 43 – 46.
  • Added one Candela (4 Total)
    • They have also recently buffed how her Candelas work too, altering times, deployment height and other aspects to name a few.

Someone say smoke and plant?



  • Added that cool holographic to her M-12 (primary)

Doesn’t improve gameplay, but it do be lookin’ cool tho.

Kaid & Goyo

  • Reduced TCSG12 (slug shotgun) damage from 84 to 57.
  • Increased total ammo from 51 to 61



RIP in piece, buddy.


  • Remove Super Shorty

He was just too got damn useful.


  • Removed Frag Grenades
  • Added Claymore
  • Increased Skeleton Key (shotgun) mag size from 5 to 6
  • Increased total SK ammo from 21 to 26

If you wanna shoot up, play Buck. If you wanna shoot down, take sledge. (I’m not a poet ok)


  • Removed ONE Volcàn Sheild (3 to 2)

Some B I G nerfs to Goyo, not quite sure why as he was doing crap in the win Delta (see above).


There’s some quite out-of-the-blue changes there, a lot that the community wasn’t really expecting. However, it is good to see the devs not getting tunnel vision on just a couple of operators. I do have a feeling though that we’re getting Operation Health – but for the whole year. One can dream.


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