Designer’s Notes Y5S2 – TLDR

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Proximity Alarm

It’s a sticky, throwable gadget. It makes a sound when an Attacker goes near it. Simple as. However, like the implementation of the bullet-proof camera, the question is what is this new secondary gadget going to replace.

Defenders affected NEGATIVELY:

  • CASTLE – replaced impact grenades
  • GOYO – replaced impact grenades
  • TACHANKA – replaced SHIELD

I’m sorry, I know Chanka is a bit of a meme, but are you joking?

Defenders affected POSITIVELY:

  • CAVEIRA – replaced bullet proof camera
  • ROOK – replaced barbed wire
  • WAMAI – replaced barbed wire
  • MIRA – replaced barbed wire
  • ORYX – – replaced bullet proof camera
  • RECRUIT – Primary Gadget

I’m actually really happy with these changes to be honest. I wasn’t quite sure where to put CASTLE on the list, because he did gain the super shorty, but everyone loves a good impact grenade, so I think they should stay.

CAV and ORYX are definitely going to enjoy this gadget. If you trigger it you better be worried, either the angry crab is gonna lunge on you or the cool-aid man is gonna bust through a wall imminently.

MIRA gets a choice now, between C4 and the alarm. I think this will help her out when her entire decides to roam :))



  • REMOVED SHIELD (added impacts)

I’m actually really happy about this. It stops new players just hiding in a corner for the entire game on the drone mini-game. It also stops the utility meta that we currently have in pro-league too. Same thing that happened to Goyo.


  • Removed “camera roll” effect.
  • Concussion effect now lasts 10 seconds.
  • Movement does NOT change effect time.
  • Changed vignette intensity (I don’t know what this means)



  • Changed ammo from SHELLS to SLUGS
  • Damage increase from 27 to 41
  • Damage drop off set to 18m
  • Recoil reduced

Basically, the gun was crap and no one picked it – like +/-1%. NO ONE picked it. Unless you wanted to do some quick renovation of site.

They basically made a worse version of the TSCG12, Kaid and Goyo’s DMR.



That’s basically it, this should hopefully make Ela’s icecreams-of-death slightly less deadly.


  • Added LFP586 – GIGN revolver


  • Reduced damage from wall charge 10 to 5
  • Added Angled grip to his MP5

They explicitly said that they considered adding it to Rook, however “that was deemed as too powerful and quite scary“. That’s like an actual quote.


  • Added PRB92 – Capitão’s pistol


  • HP after revive from boost increased from 5 to 30

They are also considering removing the recoil reduction because it has negative effects on muscle memory.


  • Removed P226 Mk25 – SAS pistol
  • Added SPSMG9 – Clash’s SMG
  • Reduced gadget claw time from 2.5s to 1.5s
  • Reduced primary weapon recoil

They’re basically trying to buff everything about her because no one plays her. This isn’t the last changes to Kali.


  • Reduced Candelas from 4 to 3

They’re trying to balance her still, currently they say she’s mad OP. “This change had little to no effect on Ying performance and popularity”


  • Barricades break as she goes through them – not before
  • Garra Hook now breaks hatches – you don’t need a shotgun
  • Faster gun recovery when landing

I’m quite excited about this, I want to be an Amaru main but it was too difficult. However, it does sound like the devs think she’s crap.


I’m actually quite looking forward to the new season. The new operators look interesting, but not massively impressive. I’ll do a post about them after I’ve had a poke about on the test server and in the new house map!

Original Dev log available at:

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